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which stone crusher is best suitable for limestone

Limestone is calcite as the main component of carbonate rocks. Sometimes contain dolomite, clay minerals and detrital minerals, there are a variety of different colors, hardness is generally small, violent reaction with dilute hydrochloric acid. However, which stone crusher is best suitable limestone demand?
Depend on these years experience,limestone hardness is low hardness, generally used in the construction industry, limestone particle size is generally 0-5mm, 5-15mm, 15-45mm size range is architecturally the most widely used, then, which stone crusher is best suitable limestone demand? As we known in the mining crushing equipment is varied,such as hammer crusher, jaw crusher, impact crusher, spring cone crusher, the European version of hammer crusher, hydraulic cone crusher and so on, so many crusher equipments, how to choose suitable stone crusher? Today Shanghai Clirik technical staff share some knowldge about limestone crusher with you.
In line with the limestone crusher there are hammer crusher,cone crusher,European version coarse hammer crusher etc., after Shanghai Clirik these years research experience in the crushing grain type and the investment limestone hammer crusher is more is has obvious advantages on the investment than other crusher equipments.
Some customers ask that the limestone crusher how to work?let me tell you:Hammer crusher mainly consists of casing, rotor, bearing the hammer, lining and grate bars and other components, the cabinet is divided into two parts, after cutting steel welded, the remaining parts are integrally connected by bolts. Inlaid with high manganese steel liner inside the enclosure can be replaced after wear. Equipped with an array of regularly distributed on the hammer crusher,turntable and wear hammer shaft consisting of a rotor. Through the motor, V-belt driven spindle, so that the rotor rotates, centrifugal force hammer rotation produced stretched to four weeks, after the bulk material from the inlet into the crushing chamber, he was crushed high-speed movement of the hammer. Qualified broken material from the lower part of the grate discharge gap, then failed to stay in the crushing cavity, are bearing the hammer and hit the iron repeated blows until you can discharge.our stone crusher is convenient crusher equipment.
Limestone crusher plant Regardless in any aspect is worthy to trust by customers,such as in the technology,in service,in price and so on,it is the best choice.At same time Shanghai Clirik stone crushing plant limestone hammer crusher is more famous,  its seriously for customers and its good quility both we to believe and  pursuit !Shanghai Clirik crusher plant waiting for you to visit!

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