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At present, our scientific and technological base of mining machinery industry is weak, since the reform and opening up, the mining machinery industry to face foreign competitors to invest and set up factories in China grim situation. Experts suggest that China mining machinery industry should seize the opportunity to accelerate the development, the first efforts in research and technological transformation, independent innovation.
Mining machinery industry existence two aspects:
First, the mining machinery industry overall strength is not strong, the majority of enterprises in scientific research,new product development, technological innovation and enterprise management, energy and capital investment are at a standstill. In particular, the domestic mining machinery product variety is the key equipment urgently needed national construction can not meet the requirements, and there are low-tech products, value-added products is not high, unstable product quality, overall labor productivity is low and other issues. Cause of mining machinery manufacturing output growth and corporate profit growth disproportionate.
Second, there is a problem in product variety, technology, quality, service, cause the actual contribution of low domestic mining machinery industry to mine. In metallurgy, mining, for example, currently there are 1180 kinds of equipment used, our energy self-sufficiency is only about 26%, but still mostly low-tech and lower quality equipment, about the remaining 74% still need to import. Domestic equipment, especially high-tech mobile devices, such as TBM, mining vehicles, excavators, scrapers, etc., and there is a large gap between the imported equipment.
To this end, the experts proposed to increase the mining machinery industry innovation capability approach:
One aspect: the mining machinery manufacturing industry should be taken jointly established different forms of domestic and foreign companies and professional design institutes, including the formation of groups, the Commonwealth, the introduction of technology, the introduction of talent, at least to take a method for joint design on a project first intervention to further increase, so that a win-win.
Two aspect: as soon as possible to establish and improve the application of the advantages of a professional laboratory, product, manufacturing process technology research applications. Laboratory should start high, based on practical; including test theories and methods, test equipment and size, as well as control and detection technology, if necessary, should the introduction of foreign advanced technology.
Shanghai Clirik crusher plant, the products are: jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, stone crusher, sand making equipment such as crushers. The company has many years of production and sales history, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, combined with the actual situation at home and abroad  shanghai Clirik crusher plant welcome you to inquire.

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