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2016 Shanghai Clirik stone crushering plant

Shanghai Clirik specializes in the mill and powder machines, as well as stone crushering plant, the production of hammer crusher is a best-selling crusher equipment is usually the most widely used of a device,Shanghai Clirik Reminder everyone in the use of stone crusher machine, what problem should we to pay attention.
        stone crushing plant
First,when useing the crusher, a sudden failure if the device is in operation, we can stop the job, and then find out the root of the problem. Secondly, if the inspection process, we found that the fault belongs to the electric stone crusher equipment appeared, then we should ask the electrical staff to be responsible for processing, must not act reckless! Furthermore, after a failure, you need someone into the interior of the stone crusher machine for inspection, remember to pull out all the power switch, and clearly marked "Someone overhaul" to remind others not to start to use. Because someone enters the inside of the machine, it should be preceded by checking out all the material to clean the upper part of the machine, to avoid falling injuring others. After we checked, we must cover to cover, bolts to tighten. Finally, the entire crusher equipment all safety devices must be firmly intact before use to confirm that it has no security risk, if you find contact signal or communication equipment failure, must not start crusher.

Another problems are about effectiveness :
1. The choice of materials is crucial. In the choice of materials, pay attention to the hardness of the material. Harder materials broken up more difficult, but the wear and tear on the equipment more serious. Broken slow, natural crushing capacity is small.
2. The material moisture is the key, that is, large material containing water, the material is easy to adhere to the crusher content, but also easy to jam during the next conveyor, resulting in crushing capacity is reduced. Therefore, before crushing it should try to find ways to reduce the water content, in order to better work in the crusher.
3. After the finer crushed material for crushing fineness requirements, which requires breaking out of the material, the crushing capacity is smaller.
4. Composition of broken material, the more broken material in the former powder containing more impact crusher, because these fines easy adherence of delivery. For more fines content should advance once sieve.
5. Material viscosity: the viscosity of the material, the more likely adhesion.
6. crushing equipment crushing member (hammer, jaw plate) the greater the wear the better crushing capacity, if not wear, will affect the ability .

Clirik stone crushing plant will ensure quality of stone crusher to reach an efficient fragmentation performance.

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