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Do You Know The Six Advantages of Jaw Crusher?

As we all know, that the jaw crusher is one of the most common mining equipments. And many users will set a jaw crusher as first step of their powder production line, why do the users do these? This is because the jaw crusher has lots of advantages, I will tell you later.

1. Crushing chamber is deep and no dead zone, so use the jaw crusher can improve the feed capacity and production

2. The machine has a large crusher rate. The product size is uniformity

3. The discharge port with a gasket-type adjustment device, so the machine is reliable and convenient, increases the flexibility of equipment

jaw crusher
4. Lubrication system is safe and reliable. The parts are easy to replace, and there is the easy maintenance workload

5. Energy saving equipment, compare with the other crushers, the jaw crusher can save the energy 15%,and even 30%, more than double of the other energy-saving system

6. Environmentally friendly machine, the jaw crusher has a low noise and less dust

The above is the six advantages of jaw crusher than other crusher. If you want to set a high quality crusher in your production line. The jaw crusher will be your best choice.

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