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What Matters Need Attention In The Jaw Crusher Work?

Jaw crusher must check whether there is a foreign body in the crushing cavity before use, when there is some foreign body,needs clearance to start the machine in time,otherwise it will be damaging the motor, because of the startup overload.

Jaw crusher is the most afraid of is to add capacity is uneven in the loading process, especially when add capacity is sudden increase, will burn out the motor because of the load is too heavy.
We will stop feeding,and stopping jaw crusher's running,when it needs to stop production.If we stop it's running at first,it will have most unprocessed mine material in the machine,the material will result in part's damage,also make the machine load to fund,when the machine starts again.
We want to find the machine if there is abnormal noise or other abnormal situation in the process of using in time,also check the cause and fix it.
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