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Wanna Increase the Efficiency of Your Jaw Crusher?

Increase the jaw crusher efficiency can make the operation personnel free from worry and let the customers know that the operation and maintenance is easy. The most important thing is that customers can obtain more economic benefits. Shanghai Clirik Machinery tells you how to increase your jaw crusher efficiency.
jaw crusher

Firstly we should keep the environment of jaw crusher in order and clean and we need to timely clean the filter screen in order to avoid dust adhesion.
Secondly we should check the jaw crusher regularly in its antiseptic, heat preservation and seal. We also need to the condition of internal lines and parts, if there appears loose connection and bad contact we should timely restore it.
Thirdly we had better choose the original factory or the authentic accessories with quality guarantee. We should not bad quality accessories for it is cheap.
Fourthly we should regularly check whether the temperature is over the established temperature of the jaw crusher.
Last but not least we should adjust the feeding size according to its requirements and timely check the wear condition in order to timely fix it.
Generally speaking we increase the efficiency of the jaw crusher from its material selection, assembling and improvement, pay more attention to its maintenance. Shanghai Clirik is a professional machine company to provide good quality jaw crusher. If you are interested in it please let me know. Thank you.

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