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The principle and the advantage of a jaw crusher

With the development and innovation of the mining machinery industry, jaw crusher as the main crushing equipment of mining machinery, also improve the structure and the broken technology constantly. The jaw crusher becomes the main force of the mining machinery industry. 
It is known as the jaw crusher, because the main woking parts of jaw crusher include jaw plate, One is a fixed jaw plate that is called a fixed jaw, which is fixed vertically on the front wall of the engine body. The other is called the movable jaw plate, which the position is tilted and the plate of the fixed jaw is formed into a small broken cavity. 
When the jaw crusher is working, the movable jaw is hanging on the eccentric shaft, which can be left and right, when the eccentric shaft rotates, the connecting rod moves up and down. Driving two thrust plates are also to do the reciprocating motion, to push the movable jaw to do the right and left motion to achieve crushing and discharge. 
jaw crusher
The above is the simple way to work of jaw crusher, the mechanics of the complex jaw crusher are similar to that, the upper part of the movable jaw is hanging directly form the eccentric shaft, it as the connecting rod of the crank link, which is directly driven by the eccentric axis, the end of the movable jaw is attached to the back wall of the frame by the thrust plate. When the eccentric axis is rotating, each point on the movable jaw movement is a circular line of suspension point, and then it goes down into an oval, the lower the more oval. Until the lower part of the thrust plate junction is the arc line. Because the movement of various points in this mechanism is complexity, so it is called complex swing jaw crusher.
The working principle of jaw crusher gives it a great advantage in crushing materials, the quality is lighter, the component is less, the structure is more compact, the broken cavity is full of better, The material blocks are broken evenly and the end of the movable jaw is forced to discharge the material, so the productivity is higher, the productivity of the jaw crusher is 20-30% higher than that of the same specification, The material block has large and roll up and down movement of motion in the lower part of the jaw, and it is easily dislocated by the shape of the cube, reducing the chip elements like that in a minimalist product., so the product quality is better.

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