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The crushing methods of stone crusher

The stone crusher is a necessary machine in large material crushing work. In general, stone crusher used in mining and production is often called a rock breaker, it is mainly responsible for the crushing of ore raw materials in mining production. Due to the different types of mining crusher and main performance, the contents of the broken ore are different. Generally speaking, there are three types of operating ore: Coarse, medium, or finely ground. And according to these three crushing types, the mining crusher can also be divided into three types: primary crusher, fine crusher and middle crusher. 
stone crusher

These three types of crusher mainly complete the rubble work in the following ways in the actual case of mining production. 
First of all, take advantage of the power of mechanical operation to forcing the stone crusher to produce a strong enough pressure to crush the mining materials, then use the strong pressure to crusher ore and raw materials. Thus the crushing of the stone crusher is accomplished. 
The second, using the inner design of a sharp tooth and the speed and strength of crusher rapid rotation. The mining raw material that put into the crusher can be broken directly, the force of the crusher is directly applied to the raw material, which is very effective for the dry raw material. 
The third is method of attack the support, the force of the crusher is concentrated to the point of attack on the material, so that it cannot bear the automatic rupture, just like the chopsticks were broken by a external force. 
The last, now many stone crushers are able to combine all three of these primitive rocks in order to achieve better raw material, ore crushing effect, "Strong united" to achieve the best crushing effect. 

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