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High-quality crusher hammer from Clirik

As we all know, crusher hammer is a part of mining machinery. With the fierce competition market industry, not only to want to survive in the competitive high quality torrent, maybe integrity of the service. Hammer crusher Although only a small parts, but its quality is essential, a small mistake, can cause devastating disaster for the entire device running production plant.
hammer crusher
For the crusher hammer, working under harsh working conditions on the hammer will make it wear extremely fast, resulting in the need to frequently replace the hammer, become a big troubled for customers. After long-term in-depth study of characteristics of gravel, mine material, Shanghai Clirik developed a high-chromium composite hammerhead, the product has a good wear resistance, impact resistance, safety and reliability and other comprehensive performance, the service life is More than 2 times than forging hammer or high manganese steel hammer, is the first choice for small sand production line.
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