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Does your crusher's movable jaw stop working?

Jaw crusher is a special-purpose crushing equipment. Its crushing ratio is large and it can be used for crushing many kinds of ores with high hardness. This equipment get much popularity from customers. However, it is inevitable that the parts of this machine will be worn after a certain period.
The jaw crusher mainly relies on the jaw plate to crush the ore. The jaw plate is divided into moving jaw and fixed jaw. Moving jaw is movable, and it plays an important role in the crushing of materials. According to the customer’s feedback, this part sometimes cannot swing. What is the reason?
During the working process, the moving may stop swinging when you heard a loud sound. What is happening at this moment? The most common cause is that some irrelevant materials fall into the crushing chamber. Under such circumstance, the thrust plate would be broken or the rivet would crack. If there is no problem of these two parts, then the connecting rod should be checked. In general, the causes could be concluded as the rotation of the flywheel, the swing of the connecting rod, and the relaxation of the rod spring.
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