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How to deal with construction waste?

With the deepening of social development, rapid urban construction in the urban areas, followed by a substantial increase in construction waste. How to deal with a large amount of construction waste?
Shanghai Clirik Machinery answer you, The bricks and concrete produced from the demolished illegal buildings will be crushed into pieces and blended with the deep-built construction waste black silt produced in the construction site and fired into standard bricks, which can be widely used in various construction projects.
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Depending on the material granularity of the construction waste crushed, the construction waste recycled aggregate may be used for the following purposes:
1, 0-2.5mm recycled material: Used as the main raw material for wiping mortar; or instead of river sand.
2, 0-4.5mm recycled material: Used as the main raw material for bricklaying mortar.
3, 2.5 / 4.5-10mm recycled materials: used as the main raw material for brick making.
4, 10-32mm recycled materials: used as road building materials.
Recycled material larger than 32 mm: it will re-enter the crusher to be crushed; or used to fill the embankment.
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