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The Mobile Crushing Plant in Clirik Machinery

Time:2018-03-21 14:05:57

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        In recent years, our country has paid more attention to the reasonable use of material resources. As the result, we have proposed the energy conservation and the related policy and do a lot of useful research. In order to efficiently settle the urban construction waster, Shanghai municipal departments decide to handle the construction waster with the mobile crushing plant. The mobile crushing plant that produced by Clirik mining machinery is the technical equipment to handle the construction waster. The processing capacity is 1000t/day.
        The most of the construction waster is the solid waster, which is generated during the construction process and the maintenance and removal process of the old buildings. The construction waster mainly composed by the mortar, reinforced concrete and other generated waster. The sustainable development of the construction material and the improvement of the comprehensive utilization of resources are the main concerned questions of the modern society. According to the introduction of relevant information, in every 10,000m2 building construction process, there will be generated about 500-600t construction waster. So, there will be generated about millions tons waster annually in the building industry.
        The mobile crushing plant that produced by Clirik is mainly used in the crushing process of construction waste. Nowadays, there are many kinds of crushing machine, such as: jaw mobile crushing plant, cone mobile crushing plant and the sand making production line. Clirik mobile crushing plant has a good performance in the waster disposing process. We have established the good image in the mining industry.
        Mobile crushing plant adopts the advanced waster disposing technology. After the disposing process, it can produce the new kind of construction material which can reach the quality testing specification. Depending on the different configuration, the effective utilization of construction waster can reach 80%-100%. This machine has realized the ideal environmental effect.
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