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What to do if the output of jaw crusher is not up to standard

The jaw crusher plays a very important role in the sand and gravel production line, which is directly related to the output of the entire production line. Whether the output can meet the standard, the jaw crusher is the focus. The jaw crusher does not meet the factory standard. What is the cause? How to solve this situation? Let me share the reasons why the jaw crusher's output does not meet the standard and how to increase the output.

First, the reason why the output of the jaw crusher does not meet the standard

1. The discharge opening is smaller than the regulation
The output of the jaw crusher has not reached the factory standard. It may be because the discharge port is smaller than the specified limit. In this case, the discharge port should be adjusted to the nominal discharge port specified in the manual and the crusher used for fine crushing should be added.

2. Material hardness is unqualified
The hardness or toughness of the material to be crushed exceeds the range specified in the instruction manual. When it does not reach the range specified in the instruction manual, a suitable crusher can be replaced or a crusher can be added.

3. Dislocation of jaws
It may be caused by the displacement of the jaw plate, causing the tooth top and the tooth top to face each other. At this time, check the tooth pitch size of the tooth plate immediately. After aligning the tooth roots, fix and compress them to prevent displacement.

4. Relative rotation of bearing outer ring
After the movable jaw and the bearing are worn, the gap is too large, causing the outer ring of the bearing to rotate relatively, and the bearing or the movable jaw should be replaced.

5. The field voltage is too low
If the work site voltage is too low and the output of the jaw crusher does not reach the factory standard, the work site voltage should be increased to adapt it to the heavy load requirements of the host.

jaw crusher

Second, the method to increase the output of the jaw crusher

1. Strictly control the size of the feed, and no jam or blockage occurs
The design size of the jaw crusher feed opening has such a formula: feed opening size = (1.1 ~ 1.25) * the maximum particle size of raw materials.
Many production personnel do not understand it, and always use the measured feed inlet size as the maximum feed size. Therefore, it is easy to block the cavity if the raw material exceeds the prescribed large particle size. Although it is not blocked repeatedly, every time it is blocked, the equipment will not operate normally for a long time. Therefore, strictly controlling the particle size of the raw materials is one of the most important prerequisites to ensure the normal operation of the jaw crusher.

2. Strictly control the feeding amount to prevent blockage caused by excessive
Many companies have carried out technological transformations on the silos due to insufficient initial feedstock, which has seriously affected production. However, due to the lack of devices to limit the feed rate in the remodeled silos, another phenomenon of overcorrection often occurs, that is, overfeeding. 
Since the working principle of jaw crusher is half-rhythmic work, if too much material is put in, the material will not be broken in time, and the broken material cannot be eliminated in time, resulting in material jam. Therefore, both material interruption and excessive feeding will affect the production capacity of the jaw crusher.

3. Rhythmic feeding and control of feeding to ensure normal operation of the jaw crusher
At present, the crushing section of mineral processing enterprises mostly adopts end chute for feeding. 2/3 of the entire feeding equipment or even the whole is exposed outside the warehouse. Due to the remoteness of the feeding port, the feeding equipment is completely turned into a vibrating chute. The feeding speed is poor and the wear is severe. The best feeding position for the miner should be within the top 1/3 of the equipment, but it is strictly prohibited to feed the material vertically to prevent the equipment from losing its vibration ability or affecting the conveying effect under pressure.
Especially the use of dump trucks for direct unloading, the disadvantages of vertical feeding are even more serious. Therefore, how to adjust the angle of the lower silo to ensure that the feeding is smooth and without pressing, and to make the rhythm of the feeder coincide with the processing rhythm of the jaw crusher is the technical guarantee for normal feeding.

4. Adjust the angle of the feeder and make full use of the screening function of the feeder to achieve pre-screening
Vibrating feeders are often equipped with grate bars with some screening functions. However, in practical applications, due to the amplitude, feeding angle, etc., the equipment is prone to block jamming of the grate during the screening process, causing it to lose its original efficiency. In the face of this situation, many companies use steel plates to block the grate bar and turn it into a plate feeder.
In fact, with proper adjustment, the efficiency of vibration to the grate of the mining machine is extremely obvious. Adjusting the amplitude and angle of the mining machine, and fully releasing the screening function to the mining machine is the best way to increase the total throughput.

5. Reasonably adjust the jaw crusher's discharging opening and angle to increase the processing capacity of the equipment to the maximum extent
The size of the discharge port of the jaw crusher determines the processing capacity of the equipment. The jaw crusher is often used as a coarse crushing equipment, and the size of its discharge port should be based on the optimal feed size of the second-stage crushing, and the size of the discharge port cannot be arbitrarily increased or reduced.
The adjustment of the phagocytic angle (the angle between the movable jaw and the fixed jaw) needs to be strictly adjusted, generally within the range of 17~26° (specifically subject to actual conditions).

In addition, the horizontal stroke of the movable jaw, the angle of the discharging layer, the speed, the material humidity, etc. are also factors that affect the production capacity of the jaw crusher. You can adjust these factors to improve the jaw failure performance.

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