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Lower maintenance costs for jaw crushing plant

Time:2018-03-21 14:05:57

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Barite powder, as a kind of material that is not very well known, has gradually occupied the market. The demand for barite powder in China is also increasing. It has been widely used in the fields of rubber, plastic, coating, paper, textile, paint, ink and electrode.
Here, let’s look at Barite Jaw crushing plant.Jaw plate is one of the vulnerable parts. the wear and tear problem of the jaw has brought a lot of maintenance work. This seriously affects the production, and reduce the economic benefits of the enterprise. Now let's learn how to reduce the wear of jaw crusher and prolong its service life.
First focus is the installation of wear-resistant lining plate. As the jaw crusher is composed of the moving jaw and the fixed jaw, the working cavity is subjected to a huge crushing force and the friction of the material. We can install the wear-resistant lining plate on the surface of the moving jaw and the fixed jaw to reduce the friction of the material on the jaw and reduce the wear.
Nest is correctly installation of the jaw plate. When installing the jaw plate, ensure its correct and stable installation, make the jaw plate contact with the machine surface smoothly. Otherwise, the jaw plate will be easily shifted in the work, causing the jaw plate to collide with the inner wall of the machine.
Improve the quality of the jaw plate. High hardness jaw plate can work better. Besides, the composing material of jaw plate should be flexible. Strictly control the feeding specifications. Material properties of the jaw plate wear is obvious, so we should strictly control the specification of materials, prohibit the oversize granularity of materials to enter the machine.
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