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  7. Mobile crusher plant solves the problem of urban construction waste pollution

Mobile crusher plant solves the problem of urban construction waste pollution

Time:2018-03-21 14:05:57

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All the time, The rationalization of construction waste resources is a headache for municipal builders. Along with the rapid development of the urbanization construction, on the one hand, the city brought high buildings, and on the other hand, a lot of construction waste. According to traditional methods like incineration or burial of building waste disposal, however, these treatments are palliatives. It will still destroy the air, the water, the land, and bring a huge negative impact on people's living environment, It is also detrimental to the sustainable development of resources and environment in the long run. 
The construction waste mainly consists of the residue of the building, the waste brick, the waste tile, the waste concrete, the scattered mortar and concrete, in addition, there is also a small amount of steel, wood, glass, plastic and various kinds of mining materials. 
The construction garbage crusher is a new type of construction waste disposal equipment, which is mainly used to break up the construction waste, the concrete, brick, stone and other raw materials. The construction garbage crusher can make the construction garbage useless. 
mobile crusher plant
Mobile crusher plant: most of the garbage can be reused as recycled aggregate resources, after the mobile crusher plant has been sorted, broken and sifted. These recycled aggregates can be used directly, and can also be made from brick to be used in construction. All of these can completely replace the current natural sandstone and ordinary brick wall materials, it is of great significance to solve the shortage of building materials and the enormous energy consumption. The utilization rate of construction garbage solid waste can be more than 95% after using mobile crusher plant effectively.
Mobile crusher plant is not only capable of processing power, adaptable, mobile combination, low noise, low energy, energy conservation, but also the integrated Settings can be used to sift the material at the scene, it reduces the amount of time spent at all levels of fragmentation processing and the cost of transferring the material between every crusher, and effective conversion of waste to high quality aggregate. The mobile crusher has changed the disposal method of single landfill of construction waste. 
The successful development and introduction of mobile crusher plant, It breaks the difficulty of dealing with construction waste and solves the problem of urban construction. Let the building rubbish awaken completely from the deep sleep of the hundred years. 

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