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What is the Calcium Carbonate Crushing Plant?

Time:2018-03-21 14:05:57

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    According to the principle and usage of the crushing plant,the crushing plant can be divided into plastic crushing plant,wood crushing plant,medical crushing plant,mining crushing plant etc.and it can be widely used in the various of industries.The mining manufacturer in domestic is specializing in the Calcium carbonate crushing plant
according to physical and chemical properties of Calcium carbonate.Calcium Carbonate crushing plant is one of the mining crushing plant,it is mainly processing the mining products such as the calcium carbonate.
The applications of the calcium carbonate:
    Calcium carbonate is widely distributed in China.and it is abundant and a precious resources.The calcium carbonate is mainly used as the construction materials.and it is the main raw material in many industries.the calcium carbonate can produce the portland cement and the heavy calcium carbonate products.
The Technical Parament of Calcium Carbonate:
Specifications Roller Number Roller Sizemm The Maximum Feeding Size mm
6R4427 6 440×270 <35
5R4121 5 410×190 30
4R3216 4 320×160 20-25
3R.4R3016 34 300×150 20-25
3R2715 3 270×150 15-20
3R2615 3 260×150 15-20
The Structures of Calcium Carbonate Crushing Plant:
    Calcium crushing plant mainly consist of main unit,classifier,powder collector,dust cleaner,induced draft fan,muffler,sound-proof room,crusher,bucket elevator,storage hopper,and vibrating feeder.
    If you are interested in calcium carbonate crushing plant,or have any questions.Please do not hesitate to contact us.
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