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What is the top priority of your hammer crusher?

Time:2018-03-21 14:05:57

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The production capacity is an important factor for users to choose and purchase hammer crusher. But in the actual production process, the theoretical productivity and actual productivity are different. Under such circumstance, there are some tips here.
Controlling the feeding size seriously, so that sticking and blockage can be reduced effectively. During the feeding process of hammer crusher, the size of the measured intake port size is the largest feed size. Make sure that the actual size of inputting material will be controlled within this range. Every time the machine is blocked, the hammer crusher needs to be stopped for maintenance, which delays the production and affects the user's benefit. Therefore, strictly controlling the feed size of the material is one of the most important prerequisites for ensuring the normal operation of this machine.
Strict control of feed volume is also required. According to the working principle of hammer crusher, the feed amount of different types crusher is different. In the process of production, if the operator puts in excessive material, it will cause the material to be too late to break, and the broken material can not be crushed in time.
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