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  7. The deep processing equipment of calcite

The deep processing equipment of calcite

Time:2018-03-21 14:05:57

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    Calcite most used in building material,chemical,ceramics,rubber,paint,radio and other industrial department,with the continues progress and environmental protection of powder processing technology,calcite will largely used in paper making,medicine,toothpaste,precision instruments.the social demand has increased dramatically,calcite deep processing become a hot spot to heat up,and have broad prospect.
    The three rings and four rings crushing plant of clirik are outstanding in calcite deep processing equipment.clirik’s crushing plant is aimed at calcite,limestone,mica,friable materials of low hardness such as clacium carbonate,dolomite ore.crushing plant’s a full set of equipment including broken hammer,bucket elevator,bin,vibrating feeder,classifier,powder,dust collector,air compressor,blower,muffler,acoustic room,etc.therefore,clirik’s crushing plant in the running process has high finished product yield,high discharge fineness,,less environmental pollution,low vibration noise,etc.

    The three rings and four rings medium-speed grinding machining of clirik can process the calcite powder(325 mesh to 2500 mesh,)the fineness can be adjusted freely within the scope of the material.               


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