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Bag filter in the working of kaolin superfine pulverizer

Environmental protection has been a primary focus in the fields of stone grinding machine’s application. Kaolin ultra fine grinding mill, as an important grinding equipment, is equipped with the well-designed dust collector in the whole production line.
There are several types of dust collector for kaolin ultra fine grinding mill, including bag filter, electrostatic dust collector, electric-bag composite dust collector and mechanical dust collector. Now, let’s have a look at the bag filter carefully.
Bag filter is the most common dust collector. Its dust removal efficiency is high and it can remove the fine dust particles. Besides, this equipment has a strong adaptability to the change of gas quantity and wide captured range of the size of dust particles. It is suitable to deal with the fine particles with recovery value. The simple structure and stable operation are also the machine’s highlights. On the other hand, the one-time investment cost of the bag type dust collector is relatively high. It is only allowed to be operated under the low temperature, because this can be combustible. When the dust concentration exceeds the limit of dust explosion, bag filter can not be used. In addition, the bags are easily be damaged. These shortcomings make it difficult for the ultra fine mill to meet the demand of environmental protection.

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