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Shaking problem of jaw crusher

The grinding size of the jaw crusher is relatively large, which can generally handle materials below 1000mm. In the mine production, because of the special environmental factors, the jaw mill will shake violently after a period of time. Today we are going to talk about the main factors that cause the shaking of jaw crushing equipment.
The screw maybe exert impact on the shaking of the jaw crusher. The equipment can be fixed to the ground by these screws. If the screw on one side is loosen or broken, the machine will sway slightly. If the staff does not notice the situation, the sloshing problem will be more serious.
The second possibility is the initial installation of small errors. After a period of running, the small fault will lead to the internal fluttered wheel deviation from the original position and the machine center of gravity imbalance, causing severe sloshing.
Therefore, before installing the jaw crusher equipment, we must ensure the stability of the equipment, reduce unnecessary losses and improve production efficiency.
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