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How Many Types of Crushers are there for Limestone?

Limestone, which is mainly composed of CaCO3, is applied in many fields nowadays. It is the indispensable material of modern industry. According to its different usages in different areas, it is really necessary to break limestone into particles of different sizes, which requires the application of different stone crushers.
So, how many types of crushers are there for limestone? Well, the general types can be concluded as following: jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher and cone crusher. Here we will introduce the former two types.
1.Jaw crusher
  It can be said that jaw crusher is the most commonly used crushing equipment at present. It is also the equipment that first appeared in people's field of vision.The crushing efficiency of limestone is very remarkable, and it can break large lump of limestone. Besides, There is no limitation on the size of limestone block, and no further treatment of lime stone breaking is needed. This means that users of this machine can save their cost. In addition, the operation and maintenance of the equipment is very convenient.
By and large, there are many advantages of jaw crusher. Its low production cost, high yield determines its wide use in the first-level crushing process.
2.Impact crusher
Different from jaw crusher, impact crusher is mainly used for processing limestone in smaller volume and with lower hardness. However, this does not mean that impact crusher is not as good as jaw crusher. This equipment also has its own advantages. The size of the discharge orifice of the impact crusher can be adjusted giving to customers’ different requirements. 

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