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What are the advantages of the application of crusher in power plant?

It is well-known that the electricity used in our daily life comes from the power plant. And Where is the power in power plant from? Well, most of the power plants still rely on coal. However, the coal applied in it has its standards. This means that the crushing plant is inevitable.
Different types of crushers are needed in different production levels of coal. As for this situation, coal powder with more uniform fineness can be guaranteed with the action of impact crusher plant. This machine will crush the coal block according to its texture structure.
On the basis of analysis of the average capacity of thermal power plant, the applied crushing plant can be adjusted giving to specific hardness and other characteristics of coal block. This can make sure that the high capacity is available while power consumption is relatively low. In addition, impact crusher plant can produce coal within 3 centimeter, and this increases the contact area of coal and air, thus burning completely.
Why do we apply the crusher in thermal power plant? There are two advantages here.
As it has been mentioned above, the application of crusher could guarantee the complete burning of coal while saving energy.
Secondly, the impact crusher is equipped with pulse filter which can effectively decrease the fly duster.
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