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Fluorite Crushing Plant

Fluorite Crushing Plant

High technology, good quality Stone Crusher Plant

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As the pulverizing market demands the resource utilization and energy saving,environmental protection increasingly in recent years.high technical content of crushing plant equipment will usher in the development of the spring.according to the research and development production department,crushing plant has high performance in the powder production,is a collection of crushing,drying,grinding,grading transmission as one of the ideal equipment for the flour milling industry.which represents the forefront of the current industrial coal pulverizing equipment level.

Crushing plant performance’s advantages and features:

First,low energy consumption:the same capacity,energy consumption 50% lower than the horizontal and vertical machine.

Second,high efficiency:the same capacity,productivity 50% higher than the horizontal and vertical machine.

Third,high accuracy:high fineness,completely eliminate products of big particles and screenings

Fourth,high productivity:mainframe yield can up to 50t/h

Fifth,full-structured:according to the different requirements,can have their own special allocation.

Sixth,negative pressure production,without the dust pollution,the environment is good.

Seventh,high degree of automation.strong stabilization,straightforward operation.

Because it is adjusted according to the needs of customers of the specifications of the configuration,so different models have different prices.
Shanghai clirik machinery company has professional technical personnel for you.who will provide you reasonable price and specifications,welcome customers to come to consult.or having a visit to our company.we can supply you the best crushing plant.

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