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powerful tools for crushing granite

Time:2021-03-31 03:41:30

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Granite is one of the minerals in nature. For the crushing of this kind of ore, a crusher is required. There are many types of crushers. So when crushing granite, which type of crushing equipment can be used? For the processing of different types of ore, different equipment is required. If the equipment is not selected correctly, it will not only fail to complete the ore processing, but also cause the appearance of increased equipment wear. Granite is one of the common ore, here we are here to introduce In the crushing process, what types of crushers can be selected for the ore.
First of all, the condition we know is granite, which is a material with higher hardness. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a jaw crusher for its processing. Of course, the machine has different models, depending on the demand for production capacity and the size of the ore. Information, you can choose the appropriate model. Generally speaking, this machine is the first crushing equipment for granite processing, and it is located at the first position of the processing flow;
Secondly, according to the requirements for the particle size of the finished product, when crushing granite, it is necessary to choose a secondary crushing equipment, that is, a cone crusher. Although the secondary crushing equipment has a counterattack crusher in addition to this machine, the latter is more suitable for use. To handle brittle materials, in the crushing process of granite, it is better to choose a cone crusher for the second crushing equipment. Of course, the crushing equipment also has different models. Choose the appropriate model according to the demand for production capacity and the size of the finished product.

The process of crushing granite generally includes two steps: coarse crushing and fine crushing. The following editor will introduce in detail:

jaw crusher

Rough crushing-granite jaw crusher

Granite jaw crusher is an indispensable product for many stone crushing. It is also called stone crusher. Judging from its name, the operating principle of jaw crusher is similar to that of a crocodile. It can "swallow" various types of high hardness. , Large-sized materials can be crushed into medium-sized stones by squeezing and crushing for the next step of crushing production.
cone crusher

Fine crushing-granite cone crusher

The granite cone crusher is a secondary crushing equipment in the granite crushing production line. It mainly uses the principle of layer-by-layer extrusion to finely crush materials. Generally speaking, as long as the primary crushed stone can reach the appropriate feed size of the cone crusher, The cone crusher can crush it as a whole to obtain an ideal finished product, and the unqualified stone will return to the cone crusher again along with the belt conveyor for crushing and processing.
Many people may know that in addition to cone crushers and impact crushers are commonly used for fine crushing. The cone crusher is recommended here, which is also determined by the high hardness and high strength of granite.
How to choose a granite crusher and what is the price?
Choosing a granite crusher needs to consider the degree of crushing, type, production capacity, applicable materials, application areas, spindle speed, feed size and other factors, such as hammer crusher, impact crusher, jaw crusher, crushing Machines, hammer crushers, etc.; application areas include metallurgy, agriculture, chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, mining, etc.

The price of a granite crusher is about tens of thousands of yuan per unit, the cheap one is five to six thousand yuan, and the expensive one is one to two million yuan.

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