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Definition and maintenance of stone crusher machine

Time:2021-04-07 01:50:00

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stone crusher machines are widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, highways, railways, water conservancy and chemical industries. In actual production, according to the different physical and chemical properties of the crushed materials and the environmental conditions of the production site, different stone crusher machines can be used to achieve the final crushing process. Common stone crusher machines include jaw crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers and sand making machines. Crushing equipment, screening equipment and other supporting equipment are combined into a complete production line.
In the construction of a production line, crushing equipment, screening equipment, and other supporting equipment are required. The crushing equipment is the key point of the entire aggregate production line. Choosing the right crushing equipment directly affects the economic benefits of the entire sand and gravel production line and the subsequent profit recovery.

jaw crusher

What problems should be paid attention to when choosing an stone crusher machine?

1. Know the materials that need to be crushed. For different materials, the processing capacity of the crusher is different, and the wear condition of the equipment is also different. Choose the appropriate crusher according to the material to be crushed. For very strong, fine, and tough high-hardness rocks such as quartzite, basalt, granite, marble, and sandstone, it is necessary to choose a crushing equipment (jaw crusher) with strong crushing ability. If other crushing equipment is used, the equipment will be severely worn. For relatively weak ores with a compressive strength of not more than 150 MPa, such as gypsum, anthracite, ordinary marl, broken sandstone, stony soil, etc., hammer crusher equipment can be used for crushing. For soft and medium-hard materials, such as limestone, sandstone, dense marl, etc., it is possible to use impact crusher equipment to crush.
2. Output of stone crusher machine. Choose suitable crushing equipment according to the output. Clearly understand the hourly output that your production line wants to achieve, and select the appropriate crushing equipment with the same processing capacity according to the output. The processing capacity of the crushing equipment is too high, and the empty kinetic energy generated when crushing the material causes a waste of resources. However, the processing capacity of the crushing equipment is too low, and when the production line is running, it cannot meet the market demand, resulting in the loss of economic benefits.
3. The quality of the stone crusher machine. The quality of the crusher determines the price of the crusher. Only crushers with superior performance, reliable quality, and high-tech content can produce high-quality, high-yield finished sand and gravel, and can also meet the increasingly competitive construction market for sand and gravel. The high demand and high requirements of the company. Customers should be cautious about being cheap and fooled in the procurement process.
4. Good after-sales service is also a very important consideration for purchasing equipment. Due to the frequent hitting of stones by the crushing equipment and improper operation during the production and operation of the equipment, it is easy to cause the destruction of the equipment. Therefore, when purchasing equipment, try to choose a mining equipment manufacturer that is moderate, has a relatively standardized after-sales service, and can form a large-scale mining equipment.
Suitable and good crushing equipment is related to the recovery of later profits and the output of later materials.

hammar crusher

Daily maintenance of stone crusher machine

1. Daily maintenance of stone crusher machine equipment
In order to ensure that the mining crusher equipment is in a good technical condition, it can be put into operation at any time, reduce the downtime of the failure, improve the integrity and utilization rate of the mining crusher, reduce the wear of the mining crusher, extend the service life of the mining crusher, and reduce The operation and maintenance cost of mining crusher, to ensure safe production, must strengthen the daily maintenance work of mining crusher; to achieve regular maintenance, mandatory, and correctly handle the relationship between maintenance and repair, and it is not allowed to use only without maintenance. Only repair but not support.
2. Lubrication and maintenance of stone crusher machine equipment
Frequent attention and timely lubrication of the friction surface can ensure the normal operation of the mining crusher and prolong the service life of the equipment. The grease added to the bearing housing is 50-70% of the volume and must be replaced every three months. Clean gasoline or kerosene should be used to carefully clean the racetrack of the bearing rollers when changing the oil. When the toggle plate is in contact with the toggle plate pad, lubricating grease must be injected before the mining crusher starts.
3. Bearing maintenance of stone crusher machine equipment
The bearing part is the most easily damaged part, because it wears a lot in use, so it needs frequent maintenance. Frequent oiling can increase the service life of the bearing.

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