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How to effectively clean the vertical mill?

Time:2018-03-21 14:05:57

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For medium and large vertical mills to maintain long-term high-efficiency production, certain cleaning must be carried out. There are two purposes for vertical mill cleaning, which is convenient for inspection and classification, and easy to grasp the wear rules of vertical mill parts; it can improve the quality of vertical mill assembly, reduce friction and wear of moving parts, and extend the service life of parts.

In the process of cleaning the vertical mill, you need to pay attention to the following matters:

When cleaning its parts, in order to minimize the use performance of the vertical mill parts and improve the cleaning quality and work efficiency, when cleaning the parts, specific operations should be carried out according to some precautions, because this will not only improve it The cleaning efficiency can also be improved in the cleaning effect.

vertical roller mill

First of all, when cleaning the parts of the vertical mill equipment, its cleaning degree must be targeted. Because different parts have different requirements for cleanliness. Such as:

• The cleaning degree of matching parts is higher than that of non-matching parts;

• Clearance fit parts are higher than transition and interference fit parts;

• Precision matching parts are higher than general matching parts;

• The surface of the parts to be sprayed, plated, and bonded should be cleaned and thoroughly cleaned.

In this way, we should choose flexibly according to the specific situation.

Secondly, prevent corrosion of the parts of the vertical mill. Bearing holes, smooth surfaces, gear teeth, radiators, etc. are exposed to long-term moisture or corrosive solvents during the cleaning process, which will cause scars or corrosion. When cleaning, choose a cleaning agent reasonably, apply compressed air to dry the cleaned vertical mill parts, and take anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation measures. This significantly improves the cleaning effect.

Finally, it is necessary to avoid bumps and scratches on the parts of the mill. During the cleaning process, the parts should follow the principle of handling with care and orderly arrangement, and try not to stack them. Special tools should be used when manually removing the secret charcoal from pistons, fuel injectors, cylinders, etc. Only in this way can the use effect of the vertical mill parts be better.

Preventing fires or accidents that are poisonous and corrosive to the human body and avoid environmental pollution are the prerequisites for cleaning. When cleaning the mill, you must pay attention to matters.



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